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2009 HFA Annual Meeting

This year the Higdon Family Association had its annual meeting in Elkins, WV, during August 6-9th. Twenty plus people gathered at the Holiday Inn Express to renew friendships and meet new members, who caught up on their lives over the last year and to discuss genealogy. President Barbara Tedford and her able husband and assistant, Sidney Tedford, planned and implemented a wonderful gathering. Recipes from Sidney Tedford

Barbara and Sidney live in a wonderful Victorian style home, that was once the carriage house for the original estate. The house sits on the top of a hill and is beautiful. The picture shows Barbara standing in front of her house. The inside of the home is intriguing with its gables, towers, curved staircase and really great functional kitchen. Barbara and Sidney have a neat breakfast niche that looks outdoors to the flora and fauna that inhabits this West Virginia hideaway.

The drive to their home is an exciting adventure in turnpin curves that have homes appearing as you make the turns. Sidney had created a very tasty spread of dips, crackers, and cocktails for those that were available on Wednesday evening. The food was good and the welcome and fellowship fascinating.

Following the welcome reception at the Tedfords, a small group of the attendees met at the Graceland Inn Restaurant located in a former Senator's home that is located on the Davis & Elkins College campus. Les and Pat Higdon, Barbara and Sidney Tedford, Eva Wood and her friend Delores Elliot and Janice J. Higdon had a beautiful evening of dinner and discussion on the veranda of the restaurant.

Les and Pat at Dinner with hostess Mary T. Thacker, on the Veranda

Thursday was a day of sightseeing for early bird arrivals to the reunion or they could meet with other members of the HFA. Eva Wood, Delores Elliot and Janice Higdon took a ride on the Mountain Rail Train up the mountain and back. Several people gathered in the afternoon to exchange stories and genealogy in the Hospitality Room. Possibilities for entertainment included the American Mountain Theatre which was a variety show that was very entertaining.

Banner at the Green Bank Radio Telescope
empahsizing the study of the Universe

Friday was a full day of sightseeing. In caravan fashion, the members drove to Green Bank Radio Telescope, where we took a tour of the towers and the museum. While going through the displays, we learned about the planets, the stars and how heat can be identified using a light, radio, micro, and thermal waves and their various differences. Graphic displays showed how the research is trying to explore the universe using radiowaves. The main tower was overwhelming in its size. A vary instructional demonstration by one of the scientists at the facility was thrilling with dry ice and mercury and other chemicals and their reactions. The demonstration just proved how exciting science can be.
Green Bank Telescope Information.

Model of the Green Bank Radio Telescope

Left to right: Nancy Higdon's head; Charles P. Higdon; William R. Higdon; Eva Wood; Delores Elliot (Eva's Friend); and Barbara Tedford

The patio of the research facility was a great site for our box lunches. Picnic tables overlooked the beautiful West Virginia countryside, allowing us to enjoy the meal and talk to each other about what we did during the last year, since the last meeting. Following lunch, we all headed to the cars and hit the road for Snowshoe Ski Resort.

Charles P. and Janice M. checkout the view from an overlook on the road to Snowshoe Mountain

The caravan of cars proceded from Green Bank Observatory to Snowshoe Ski Resort along a winding two lane road. At an overlook we stopped to look back and down to the lush, green valley. Charles P. Higdon and Janice M. Higdon were more adventuresome. They looked over the edge.

Everyone enjoying the Overlook on the way to
Soaring Eagles Ski Resort on Snowshoe Mountain.

A beautiful ski resort on Snowshoe Mountain. Barbara Tedford, Randy Cole, Pat Higdon, and Janice M. Higdon

Soaring Eagles Lodge had a meeting room with huge wood hewn beams and fireplaces. You could just imagine sitting in the lobby, in front of a roaring fire in one of the 3 enormous fireplaces. The caravan returned to the hotel, ending a grand day of fun, knowledge growth and fascinating possiblities by going to a local bar and grill for great food and fellowship.

President Barbara Tedford opens the business meeting,
while Janice M. Higdon takes the minutes.

Saturday morning was another great opportunity to meet and mingle with each other, as well as do the association's business. President Barbara Tedford opened the meeting during which new officers were elected, Western Carolina University was designated the "repository for the HFA archives", Scholarship winners announced, and plans were announced for next year's meeting in Kalamazoo, MI.

Members at the Business Meeting

Elkins was hosting a Craft Fair in the Park

More of the Craft Fair
Sidney Tedford and his musical partner provided the music for the Banquet

The Banquet Speaker told about the Stauton-Parkersburg Turnpike which crosses the middle of West Virginia.

Nancy and Charles P. Higdon

Randy Cole taking pictures

The new officers are installed.
L-R: Randy Cole, 1-yr Director; Nan H. Harrison, President; Janice M. Higdon, Secretary; Eugene Smith, Historian; Frances Smith, 2nd Vice President & Necrologist; Carolyn Cole, Treasurer; Janice J. Higdon, 1-yr Director & Technologist; Barbara Tedford, Parlimentarian; Eva Wood, 2-yr Director

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